Store temporarily closed

Orders can be placed regularly but can only be processed from 10/14/2019

Due to the huge demand of the guitars Almedina, it is not possible to put them on sale with immediate availability in the online shop.

In order to use the chance offered by the online shop and its easy handling payments, shipping, accessibility from all over the world, the right of withdrawal, etc., we offer the opportunity to make an order which will be automatically inserted in the waiting list of Almedina, paying a deposit of 30% of the total price and fixing the delivery date with that one specified at the moment of the order.

At the order, you can also buy some accessories among those offered and/or other items shown in the shop: they will be sent together with the guitar without extra shipping costs.

Please find below a small selection of frequently asked questions.


• Buying online? Is it safe? Pay in advance: which guarantees do I have?
Nowadays shopping online is a very common way to buy, it should not scare you and you have to overcome stereotypes and urban legends created over time by uninformed media.
When you buy online it is important to make sure that:
- the seller actually exists, has an active and truthful fiscal position (existence of VAT, you can easily check it in the online site of Revenue Agency)
- payments are requested through official and traceable ways (not cash or Credit Card recharges)
- each transaction has regular invoice.
When the transaction is completed and it is demonstrable in its content, with it you automatically subscribes a legal contract.
The guarantees are, therefore, under the law as any purchase made in the "real world".
Plus, only purchasing online, it adds the right of withdrawal, which allows to refuse the received product (within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from receipt) at no extra charge (you only pay shipping charges to receive and return the goods).
So, buy online from reputable sites and known people (such as this site and its owner are) it is safe in the same way that buy from the same people in their physical location. With some advantages over...

• I placed the order via internet and I regularly paid. Who guarantees that my guitar is delivered on time?
The professional reliability of the seller in these circumstances is the best guarantee. Propose a delivery date when placing the order force the vendor to respect it (the vendor subscribe with the buyer a real contract of sale) and it is interest of the vendor to meet deadlines and collect positive feedbacks from buyers. If this does not happen, you can cancel the purchase contract without penalty requested a refund of the full paid amount.

• I received the guitar according to the deadlines and in perfect condition ... but I do not like it. What can we do?
No problem: private customers (not companies or individuals with VAT) that have purchased products online have the possibility of use the right of withdrawal, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 206/05, the Consumer Code in accordance with Article 7 of Act July 29, 2003, # 229.
This right allows to the customer to return the product to the seller, within 14 calendar days after the receipt of the item purchased online, without penalty (you only pay shipping charges to receive and re-send the product, equal to each other), without obligation to give reasons for this. You will receive a full refund of paid price, provided that the product is received by the seller undamaged and in its perfect condition, with all parts purchased and in its original packaging.
For a more complete explanation of the right of withdrawal, please refer to this page.

• Is the shipping safe?
Shipments are handled by international carrier TNT, one of the best and most reliable carriers on the market. The shipment is insured for the full value of the guitar. The instrument is placed in its hard case (included in price) and packed in a workmanlike manner in a special reinforced cardboard box. As soon as taking over by the carrier, a detailed email is sent to the customer with the shipping code and any needed instructions to receive the guitar.

• Can I pick up the guitar in your shop?
Yes, of course! Almedina can be ordered online, fixing the delivery date, and then picked up in the physical shop within the date range defined in the order. It is very important to remember here that in this case, evaluating and choosing the instrument in person, you can no longer exercise the right of withdrawal.

• Is payment online safe?
This shop does not directly handle payments and does not store any data related to credit cards and bank accounts.
For the payments we rely on the PayPal system, totally external to this shop and managed by a company leader in the management of online payments, or we use the bank transfer, independently managed by the customer and its bank. So, even under a cyber attack, no relevant data can be subtracted as they does not exist in our database.
For more information about payments used by this shop, please refer to this page.

• How can I know in advance the shipping charges will be applied?
In the product page, simply click on the button "Shipping Rates", enter your location and calculate the applicable shipping costs. They will be included in the final invoice that will be sent to the customer together with the guitar.